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Credibility problems

I submitted this piece to the Comment section of The Globe and Mail and it was published! Here's the body:

Saturday, March 1, 2003 Page A18

Montreal -- I am all for the United Nations carrying out the penalties outlined in its resolutions vis-à-vis Iraq. I do not believe a toothless UN serves the world in the capacity it was created to serve.

This aside, it seems that George W. Bush does not have a "broad strategy underpinning a war against Iraq" at all. Instead he has chosen a plan of action and then sought reasons to support it.

His rhetoric on the war bringing peace to the region is ridiculous. If Mr. Bush had taken the same hard-line stance toward Israel that he has toward Iraq, and applied the same energies in seeking a peaceful solution to the issue of a Palestinian state that he has to justifying and planning war with Iraq, he would lend credence to his argument.

Although he may have chosen the right action in opposing Iraq's unwillingness t…