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Business Considers Open Source on Par with Commercial Software

You can see this post and the discussion it generated here on slashdot. At the International Conference on COTS-based Software Systemsin Spain it was fascinating to hear large organizations talking about Open Source Software as being on-par with commercial software in some instances. Certainly Linux is the perfect example.


As I read Collapse by Jared Diamond I am struck by the departure from long-standing values in a very short period of time. Technology brings about fundamental shifts in our culture. It impacts our communication (frequency, quality), our leisure (TV, Video games, music, multi-media), and our work. These in turn impact our relationships with other people. For example instead of coming home after work and spending time reading or talking we often drop in front of the TV – something that is by nature an isolating activity.

Technology also impacts our values. Children have access to violence, hate, and sex at a much younger age. Not long ago this was somewhat regulated by federal communications authorities that would filter or sensor content considered inappropriate for the public based on purportedly national values. We can clearly see that these values have become more liberal over the past decades. This liberalization does not stand on its own. The availability…