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The Shifting Sands


The US doesn't get it.

What they helped to innovate, to invent, to conceive ‚– the business use of technology, has brought down the pan-global barriers of distance. That is why India has become an outsourcing and IT powerhouse. Available network and information bandwidth, using technologies such as MPLS with the ability to deliver QoS, tying in all developed world economies translates directly into their ability to deliver software to mainframes in the US, Canada, Europe instantly. The same is true for call centres and telecommunications networks. English has become the language of business around the world due almost exclusively to the US. Now, countries that have had to develop their English-language ability can do business directly with US corporations.

Future economic power will come through collaboration. The super power concept is fast becoming an obsolete one. Economies that obtain their power through the monopolies and through the spending power of their own c…