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The use of Java to build business systems

I have been a big fan of Java for several years. It all started 4 years after I standardized my applications development organization on Visual Studio and C++.

Let's start with why we standardized on C++ for UNIX and Windows. The year was 1999 and we were building an e-commerce site. We needed a platform to develop on. In 1997, the year we developed the core or CRM-portion of this e-commerce platform we had decided that Sun/Solaris would be our server OS since NT4 was about as stable as nitroglycerine. So Java made a lot of sense due to its cross-platform design as it would in time allow us to migrate our CRM application using middle-tier Java code. As we began our investigations into available technologies the first difficulty we encountered was a lack of 'advanced' IDEs. This was OK since I was hiring, get this, real programmers who could work without one, however it would affect our productivity and ever a dollars and cents man this did concern me. The …