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IBM's Power processor versus Intel

In 2004, IBM booked less revenue in total hardware (which includes processors, servers, storage, and PCs) than Intel booked in processors alone (IBM 2004 annual report). What makes IBM think they can make the Power processor a successful competitor to Intel’s Pentium series of processors?

It’s true that IBM is looking to achieve a much broader adoption of Power technology than Intel has achieved. This ranges from embedded processors in storage devices, a Power processor driving every game console as of 2006, Power in small to large servers and even ‘powering’ the world’s fastest supercomputer. In a different light IBM has also taken a completely different approach from Intel. They have made the Power architecture an open specification - one that is, however, guided by a consortium of manufacturers including Freescale, Sony, and Cadence among others. This does not guarantee success.

SUN was one of the first large manufacturers to attempt an open-source style sp…