High tech content of posts is boring

I know, I know I am publishing more about technology than other more interesting subjects lately. Don't give up on me yet. Actually I had published many more non-tech posts on our home computer. It was running [Warning: the following paragraph may not be appropriate for the tech-challenged or phobic] Movable Type with Apache, PHP and MySQL and worked beautifully. Bell Canada's high-speed internet wireless router really sucked though. I should have been able to reliably set up a Dynamic DNS address to the PC. In actual fact the router kept losing the forwarding port to the site on our PC. I gave up and moved to Blogger. Then our PC (did I tell you we were running Windows XP on it?) decided it didn't want us to log in to it anymore... So I lost most of the content I'd written (not having backed it up - oops) [inappropriate content ends]. Hmm, let's see...first monopolistic Bell gives me problems, then Windows XP of the nefarious Microsoft Empire...

I'm planning articles on a book called "First they killed my Father" written by a survivor of the Cambodian atrocities. She was five at the time and lost half her family of eight. It's not a fun subject but her story really moved me and I'd like to write about it.

I am also in the middle of an article on knowledge work and knowledge workers based on a book I'm currently reading. Then I'd also like to write about, "Shake Hands With the Devil". This is particularly meaningful for me as it is written by Roméo Dallaire, a French Canadian from Montréal. He was the general responsible for the failed UN mission to Rwanda. Emotions evoked range across rage, pain and sorrow. The quality of writing is not great but the content and telling of the story is outstanding. A must read for all who care about the weak of the world and feel we are responsible for protecting them.

I've also recently read some fiction I'd like to review.


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