Wednesday, December 14, 2005

RIM and NTP saga

I have to quote this one little snippet from an Economist article which outlines why NTP's patent claims against RIM are stupid as I so boldly state without any backup in a previous entry (I was lazy and didn't want to compile the proof since I know my claim is true).
"RIM is generally regarded as the victim of an injustice. Founded 21 years ago by two engineering students who still help run it, the company is being held for ransom by a “patent troll”. The monster emerging from under the bridge is an entity called NTP, which doesn't actually make or sell anything—it doesn't even have a website, for goodness sake. But it has hired a handful of lawyers to enforce its patents and in settlement talks this week, it was demanding almost 6% of RIM's sales in America until 2012 when its patents expire—about $1 billion. NTP's threat of a legal injunction to shut down BlackBerry unless it pays up is viewed as little short of extortion."

Nice when I can just point to someone else's hard work. Sigh, if only the rest of my life was like that...

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