Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shut down Internet Explorer and run to... Firefox!

I know I may sound like a Microsoft Bigot but actually I'm not. I do use Windows XP on my work laptop and home computer (because I have to). I am also the manager of an IT department which heavily relies on MS technologies so I can't really be called a bigot.

In this post, e-week point out:
"The zero-day exploit, posted by a U.K.-based group called "Computer Terrorism," could allow a remote hacker to take complete control of a Windows system if the victim simply browses to a malicious Web site."
It's a real security hole in Internet Explorer 6 that allows the execution of code on your computer by someone you don't know. In other words a cracker could load a program onto your computer to say, copy all of your word and excel files to their website. Do you feel good about that?

Neither do I.

Nor do I feel good about Microsoft knowing about this hole since May of this year and yet still not having fixed it . Software defects are a part of life - I accept that. But to willingly ignore a known problem for months is inexcusable. Firefox has had security problems in the past just like IE but they will issue a patch within days if not hours of learning about it. Version 1.5 is even better as it automatically checks for updates and installs them if there are any.

Switch to Firefox.

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