Saturday, December 10, 2005

Why I'm prolific today

It's past 11 AM and I'm still in bed, reading and using my laptop because Daniel's Hockey (yes hockey is capitalized in our family) doesn't start until 3:30 PM today. Laura's in Hawksbury with David for a practice. She was up at 7:15 when the alarm went off, no actually it was 7:30, no 7:45, no 8 AM. I am still in bed. I am writing. I feel no guilt whatsoever (as my partner in crime can attest). Many weekends include my getting up for Hockey at 5:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday. Two weekends ago I spent 8 hours in the car, in arenas, and in changerooms. Let's get something else straight. I never played Hockey. I don't watch it on TV but I do think it's really good for my two older boys and support them in it. My only fear is that Michael our youngest may want to play soon...

I am in bed and feel no guilt. I am also listening to Rock Lobster, Dream Police, and Juke Box Hero is coming up next.

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Laura Q said...

I just wanted to say that Quad4B was complicit in my pressing the snooze on the alarm this morning, as I recall someone wanting to "cuddle a little longer" also. Also your partner in crime has a cute tatoo on his arm. Makes him look rather nasty, really.