Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Google Junky

I am a confessed Google junky. It's true.

I have been using Google Search since I don't know when - a long time (in Internet Time). I got my Gmail account about one year ago and am now a sworn Gmailer, having rid myself of all my other personal addresses. Since then I have created this Blog (older entries migrated from Movable Type), installed Google Desktop Search on my laptop, and use Picasa 2. Of course I use Google Local / Google Maps as well.

Why! Why? you shout and ask (as is clear from all of your comments on my Blog). Google's applications work and they work well. They are also free. Can you beat that?

Of course there is nothing stopping Google from letting the POWER go to their heads and developing a form of Evil Empire Syndrome (the virus mutates and once you're infected the only cure is to divide the empire [sometimes even this doesn't work]).

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Anonymous said...

I used to use Altavista when I first started out on the internet, but I've been using google for roughly the last six years. Just so you know, I'm 19 and not some crusty old weirdo. Honest.