Friday, July 14, 2006

Cosmic Log : Bigelow's orbital 'baby'

I'm not sure how seriously to take Bigelow Aerospace or their Genesis spacecraft but it is one more example of how the private sector has gained unprecedented access to space (even if it is low earth orbit). This will lead to greater innovation in low-cost spaceflight and may result in commercial enterprise making the moon, asteroids, and Mars viable investments before any government does.


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CymraegSpirit said...

I think it's fantastic. I don't believe space should be claimed by any one country so, private sector research and development is extremely important [the USA already believes they own the internet, for God's sake].

Time and time again, corporations have performed comparable tasks for much lower cost and much less red-tape than the government. We'll be on Mars in no time, LOL.

BTW - thanks for the validation. It gave me a nice kick in the rear. ;-)