Tuesday, July 04, 2006

» Smart displays and user productivity | Paul Murphy | ZDNet.com

Smart displays do work and with companies like IBM, SAP, and Oracle driving more and more of their product development dollars into the Linux platform, the day is coming when you will find them in Fortune 1000 companies.

Open Source applications like OpenOffice.org add incentive for organizations to consider migrating some desktops from Windows to thin client. It reduces administration cost, is more secure "out of the box", and costs less from a desktop application standpoint.

There is a caveat, however. They require a certain level of expertise (UNIX) to set up and administer - the kind usually found in engineering companies, which explains why that is primarily where they are found. Every time I read about it I get the urge to call Sun and ask for a demo unit for my company's IT department.

Maybe this time I'll take the plunge...

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