Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Brand "Canada"

The Globe and Mail has an article today about how Canada is perceived internationally. Aparantly Canada
... was named the world's second most popular national brand by a global pollster. The Anholt Nation Brands Index for the second quarter of 2006 saw Canada jump ahead of Germany and Switzerland to claim the number two spot on the list of 35 countries. Canada's rosy image now only pales beside that of the United Kingdom's (and the EU's, which was featured as a 'guest country' on the survey).

But Simon Anholt, an international branding adviser who commissions the quarterly poll through Global Market Insite, Inc., contends Canada is failing to capitalize on its positive international image — and points as proof to the gulf between those polled who say they would like to travel, invest and study in Canada to those who actually do."
Great but isn't this kind of normal. Sort of like
Gee I sure would like to go skydiving...haven't got around to it yet. Gee I sure would like to read War & Peace...haven't got around to it yet...or, Gee I sure would like to marry you...haven't got around to it yet.
If there's nothing pushing us to go somewhere or do something we rarely will...human nature. And we are halfway across the world for most of its population. By the way, I did marry her.

It's nice to know Canada is viewed so positively...but I suppose that's a pretty Canadian thing to say. Read the article.

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