Monday, September 25, 2006

Iraq war drives world instability, tensions, creates Jihadists etc.

Holy cow! The elephant in the room has been exposed, and exposed, and exposed. What particularly rankles is that it had to come from the US intelligence community. Why haven't mainline world media been more scathing of the Bush administrations bungling? While it's true that many international newspapers' commentaries on Bush jave been vituperative, journals such as The Economist have been markedly silent in their analyses. Political correctness has won over honesty to the point of stupidity.

Clearly the US war in Iraq was bound to create sympathy among extremists and generate more canon-fodder for the terrorist machines in Iraq and elsewhere. Certainly, Bush's criminal lying about his justification for the war in Iraq are condemnable and deserve the most forceful censure. Most definitely his devestation of an already-devastated country like Afghanistan deserve rebuke. I am personally thrilled to see it come out into the open.

I am in admiration of our neighbors to the south, the Americans, for exposing foolish acts committed by their own president and his administration. It gives me hope for what this world will be when my children are adults in it.

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