Monday, January 29, 2007

Macintosh Review, 1st Post

I will spend the next year reviewing the Macintosh experience from a PC User's viewpoint. I used a Mac last in 1990/91 and even then not from a user's perspective. I was setting it up to run ad clips at a TV studio. Before and since then I have only used the various versions of DOS, DOS/Windows, and Windows on desktops and laptops. I started with an 8088 IBM PC in 1984/5 and am now on an IBM T60 with 1GB RAM and Windows XP. I'll go into the details of why I am doing this review in a later post.

I unpacked a MacBook Pro this evening (15" version) and got it up and running in an hour (more than average complexity wireless security + wanted to install Firefox and Google browser sync) and am now writing this post from it. I like the way it feels on my lap. Not to heavy but stable. Nice keyboard.

I'll leave it at that for now. In the next post I'll talk about my experience up to now - which basically includes the install. Remember I'm not a Mac user so some of my comments may appear a little daft to those of you who are (or who are smarter than me).

By the way, this is more about OS X then about the hardware platform although I will make some comments on it. I will be writing about usability, stability, support, interoperability, productivity and any other ity's I can think of.

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