Monday, January 15, 2007

Try new things. It will keep you young...and make you rich

As someone approaching middle age, I have been developing a very firm conviction on the importance of trying new things. For me this includes things like learning how to dive, cooking Thai and other interesting cuisine, learning to drive standard and possibly, next year, taking up downhill skiing (haven't tried it yet) so we can go as a family. In the past few years I have also been buying new music and not just music from the eighties, like an album from Shiny Toy Guns. Even more exciting then these is our new Cappuccino machine (try new things, buy new things).

Why? We need new experiences to keep us young in terms of flexibility of thought. I have nothing against and in fact actually like aging. What I would guard against is an aging of mind - not being able to think in new ways. It's also why I read a lot.

Now, apparently, trying new things is also good for your wallet according to a behavioural economist...first time I've heard of that discipline. I still haven't quite figured out how to calculate the ROI of our Cappuccino maker.

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