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The New York Times Website is Way Cool!

I don't know if I've just been sleeping and missed someone writing about this but the New York Times has a very, very cool website. First of all, as mentioned in this article, the Times displays very well across different browsers and mobile devices because they hand code the HTML! When almost everyone uses high-level editors like Dreamweaver this is quite a commitment to quality given the extra time they must spend coding.

But what really blew me away today was something that happened as I was reading the Times today. This article was discussing how a US General's planned posting in Pakistan (to lead the fight against Al Qaeda) was cancelled due to his being "excoriated in the Pakistani news media for one of his previous jobs: commander of the United States prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba." Excoriated? What the heck does that mean. So, planning to look up the word in my Mac's built-in dictionary I double click on it and...holy cow! A New York Times w…