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MyPhone 3G


No I am not a fad-following-popular-technology-buying-groupie-apple-fanboy. Yes, I did just get an iPhone 3G and boy I am impressed (if unsurprised)! Above is a screen capture of my phone. Just the fact that you can do a screen capture of anything on your phone with two buttons (Home+Sleep) is very cool (think user manuals for the new enterprise apps companies will be building for internal use). Having been a BlackBerry user for the past three years (and also been a user of the first gen BB years ago) I can say that RIM definitely has something to worry about - sorry Perry. It's not just the sexy design although intelligent design ;-) does have something to do with it. It's the whole enchilada. Physical design combined with the graphical user interface, combined with features, combined with a cornucopia of applications - some of them actually useful!

Having decided that my desktop/laptop platform of choice will be the Mac for the foreseeable future, the iPhone…