Monday, July 14, 2008

MyPhone 3G

No I am not a fad-following-popular-technology-buying-groupie-apple-fanboy. Yes, I did just get an iPhone 3G and boy I am impressed (if unsurprised)! Above is a screen capture of my phone. Just the fact that you can do a screen capture of anything on your phone with two buttons (Home+Sleep) is very cool (think user manuals for the new enterprise apps companies will be building for internal use). Having been a BlackBerry user for the past three years (and also been a user of the first gen BB years ago) I can say that RIM definitely has something to worry about - sorry Perry. It's not just the sexy design although intelligent design ;-) does have something to do with it. It's the whole enchilada. Physical design combined with the graphical user interface, combined with features, combined with a cornucopia of applications - some of them actually useful!

Having decided that my desktop/laptop platform of choice will be the Mac for the foreseeable future, the iPhone makes a lot of sense. It allows me to keep my contacts and calendar synchronized 'over the air' via a 'push' mechanism. By 'over the air' I mean I do not need to use a USB tether to keep my contacts and calendars synch'd as I did on my iPod touch.
Aside: Being a business owner I have no intention of investing in an e-mail platform. Currently I am a very satisfied user of Google Apps Premiere edition. I pay $50/user/year and have our company domain associated with a Google mail account. Document sharing is included.

Push means that every time I update a contact on my phone it gets sent to my laptop and visa versa. No manual or timed synchronization required!

I am a business technology professional and have had my share of heartache implementing badly conceived commercial software. It has been too long since the first PC was released with MS DOS 1.0 (which I was a happy user of at the time). I expect better from the industry. Microsoft and a lot of other software and hardware companies have had enough time to figure usability out! Apple's products work the way they're supposed to and are far more intuitive than most other vendors' products. That's why I use a Mac and that's why I bought an iPhone. I don't have the time, patience, or willingness to struggle with products to get them to do what I and pretty much the majority of users out there want them to do. I'll take what works thank you very much. I will continue to help my customers struggle with the software/hardware they've chosen - whether it's deserving of their patronage or not - after all that's their prerogative and frankly sometimes there's nothing else out there that does the job better.

I am happy to say that at least on one front, personal productivity tools, there are a number of products available today that are delivering the kind of user experience we all desire. And if business leaders are smart they'll leverage iPhones and iPod Touches to deliver highly user-friendly and efficient applications to factory workers and mobile employees as front-ends to more complex enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and business analytics among others.

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