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The Apple Macintosh in 1984

OK, while I'm not an Apple fanboy I do admire style. Especially when style and function converge. As mentioned in previous posts I'm a long-time PC user - since 1984 coincidentally enough (you'll see why). Actually, I should have said I'm an ex-longtime PC user. I only use a Mac now. Granted I run Vista under VMWare Fusion so I can run MS Project, Rational RequisitePro, Rational Software Modeler, Clearcase and other software engineering tools but those will move to OS X eventually - I'm pretty certain even though IBM hasn't admitted it.

Lately I've been wondering. OK, first disclosure - I am a geek. Hell, I was secretary and president of the computer club in high school over two years. What I'm wondering about though is why did we (the club) buy an IBM PC in '84? We spent $5,000 of funds we raised to purchase a PC with an 8088 processor, monochrome screen, tape drive for data storage, and 68K of RAM. I can remember buying the magaz…