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The Chevy Volt

I've been turned off American cars for some time after driving 2 Ford's, owning one, and driving more rental American cars than I can remember. My mom and dad's '83 Thunderbird had all kinds of 'issues' including drive-train problems and a shorting electrical system. The Tempo I owned wouldn't start in cold weather and had an annoying interior rattling that three trips to the dealer didn't fix. Oh, I almost forgot, the second time I took it to the dealership I got the car back with the driver's side electric window no longer working. Ever since then I've driven Hondas and Toyotas.

That could change.

Why the Volt? How does 100mpg and the ability to charge the battery at home sound like? How about the fact that it can go 40 miles on a single charge. And did I mention that it runs entirely off its battery? Its gas engine functions solely as a generator to recharge the battery. All those 10 minute trips to the store will only cost you the electricity …

A different president