Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inspiration versus Motivation

Having been on management teams who have aspired to motivate staff, versus those who've wanted to inspire, this rings absolutely true to me.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Words I never thought I'd hear from a Secretary of Defense

I can't improve on his blog post so I'll post it verbatim:

From Robert Gates's press briefing today on the 2010 defense budget:
It is important to remember that every defense dollar spent to over-insure against a remote or diminishing risk - or, in effect, to "run up the score" in a capability where the United States is already dominant - is a dollar not available to take care of our people, reset the force, win the wars we are in, and improve capabilities in areas where we are underinvested and potentially vulnerable.  That is a risk I will not take.
Emphasis mine; sentiments his. This has obvious bearing, as Gates made clear, on whether it is worth "running up the score" in an area of current U.S. dominance by buying more F-22s, among other systems. (Previously on the F-22 here and here.) More later on the details and implications of Gates's budget, and whether he'll be systematic in applying the rationale he has laid out. For the moment, the simple logic of his statement is worth noting. As is the sense of shock at hearing something so logical as part of a budget presentation.