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Try to have a sense of humour when working with customers

Some guy (wasn't me, really) contacted Kitchen Aid to get support for a Chef's Chopper which had a stuck blade. It was on a Saturday - so it's pretty cool they offered chat support...only problem is they have no sense of humour. Shouldn't that be a prerequisite when dealing with customers? Note that names have been changed to protect the guilty, or something...

What's your problem?
Appliance Owner Dude: I can't get the blade out of the Chopper.
Kitchen Aid Girl: Thank you for contacting KitchenAid! My name is Kitchen Aid Girl. I will be with you momentarily.
Kitchen Aid Girl: You take the lid off the food chopper first, then the multi-purpose blade pulls straight up.
Appliance Owner Dude: I tried that - it doesn't work
Appliance Owner Dude: It is really stuck
Appliance Owner Dude: Hello?
Appliance Owner Dude: Laurie?
Kitchen Aid Girl: Yes, I am here.
Appliance Owner Dude: did you get my response?
Kitchen Aid Girl: How long had you just been processing for?