Try to have a sense of humour when working with customers

Some guy (wasn't me, really) contacted Kitchen Aid to get support for a Chef's Chopper which had a stuck blade. It was on a Saturday - so it's pretty cool they offered chat support...only problem is they have no sense of humour. Shouldn't that be a prerequisite when dealing with customers? Note that names have been changed to protect the guilty, or something...

What's your problem?
Appliance Owner Dude: I can't get the blade out of the Chopper.
Kitchen Aid Girl: Thank you for contacting KitchenAid! My name is Kitchen Aid Girl. I will be with you momentarily.
Kitchen Aid Girl: You take the lid off the food chopper first, then the multi-purpose blade pulls straight up.
Appliance Owner Dude: I tried that - it doesn't work
Appliance Owner Dude: It is really stuck
Appliance Owner Dude: Hello?
Appliance Owner Dude: Laurie?
Kitchen Aid Girl: Yes, I am here.
Appliance Owner Dude: did you get my response?
Kitchen Aid Girl: How long had you just been processing for?
Appliance Owner Dude: Actually, not long. And it's been sitting there for a couple of days as the person who last used it couldn't get tyhe blade out
Kitchen Aid Girl: (I am sorry, there is a slight delay between our answers here).
Appliance Owner Dude: no sweat
Kitchen Aid Girl: Is this for a restaurant or commercial setting?
Appliance Owner Dude: Nope. personal.
Kitchen Aid Girl: The blade should pull straight up. If it is not, then it appears that perhaps the unit was run too long and the friction between the blade and shaft may have seized it together.
Kitchen Aid Girl: Do you know when it was purchased/store information?
Appliance Owner Dude: When I try to lift it, it comes up about an eigth of an inch
Appliance Owner Dude: so there is movement there
Appliance Owner Dude: It was purchased about a month ago - maybe 6 weeks
Appliance Owner Dude: From a store in montreal quebec
Kitchen Aid Girl: Are you located in Canada?
Appliance Owner Dude: Yes I am
Kitchen Aid Girl: For information regarding KitchenAid Countertop Appliances and assistance in Canada, please contact the following representative:

KitchenAid Canada
6750 Century Ave
Mississagua, ON
Canada L5N 3A7

Or you may view the following website link:

You may also feel free to contact the KitchenAid Canada Customer Service Center by calling (toll-free) 1-800-807-6777, between the hours of 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday (ET).

Kitchen Aid Girl: I am sorry for the inconvenience, however we are located in the USA and we do not offer international warranty assistance here.
Appliance Owner Dude: soooooo I can't get this resolved now?
Kitchen Aid Girl: Our Canadian representatives would be happy to assist you further.
Appliance Owner Dude: did I say Canada?
Appliance Owner Dude: I meant, uh, New York
Appliance Owner Dude: That would be in the US
Appliance Owner Dude: :)
Kitchen Aid Girl: If you are located outside the USA please contact our Canadian representative - we do not offer international shipping or assistance from the USA.
Appliance Owner Dude: Did I at least get a smile for that - just trying to inject humour into a dissapointing, unresolved, situation
Appliance Owner Dude: ANyway, have a great weekend (after you get off)
Appliance Owner Dude: Cheers!
Kitchen Aid Girl: Do you think perhaps there is food stuck underneath the blade that may have hardened and making it difficult to remove? You may try adding warm water in the work bowl and let it set.
Kitchen Aid Girl: Take care.
Appliance Owner Dude: Warm water - ahhhh, something to try. I'll do that
Appliance Owner Dude: Bye.
You have disconnected.Kitchen Aid Girl


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