Mac Viruses are coming to get us!!!

John Gruber has a great post that gives a little bit of insight into where Malware is on the mac today.

We start in 2004 with the following post:
Eric Hellweg, MIT Technology Review, October 2004: “Hackers Target Apple? Congratulations!”:

The Apple community has, since its inception, been largely immune to nefarious hackers bent on spreading harm. If you are a Windows user, as I am, you know the routine. You complain about the latest spyware or virus attack, and Apple devotees respond with good-natured teasing — they don’t have worry about such nonsense. Well, now they do.

Predictably, posts on various Apple-related message boards have been offering varying levels of concern, ranging from mild disappointment to utter gloom. I think this reaction is fundamentally misguided. MAC users should not be upset about this malware news; they should rejoice.
Keep reading Gruber's post to see a series of post leading to today.


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