First post in a long, long while...

Wow, it's been a few years since my last post. So what's happened in that time?
  • President Obama has lost some of his shine.
  • The War on Terror has wound down. That accomplishment alone has cost the president dearly  due to his (necessary?) compromises and the difficulty impossibility of shutting down the powerful machine that is the U.S. military-industrial complex. I still don't know why the U.S. people allow their country to go war against things (drugs) and political ideas/policies (Terror). Could this possibly have gone well...Oh, I guess it did go really well for some people
  • The economy seems to have improved somewhat although it's hard to tell.
  • My consulting work has become much more stable and I've successfully made the shift from management in 2008 to technical work in 2013 - full time consulting as a software architect. You can see this progress here if so moved.
  • I've learned Objective-C, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. Creating is something I love doing. This has been a long time coming.
  • I learned to touch-type last month - actually it took me six weeks of concerted effort in my free time. This is something I regretted not learning in high school - a regret I finally decided to do something about - and did. For exanple, I just typed this sentence without looking at the keyboard or my screen. OK, I got example wrong...but still, not bad for a beginner.
  • Many other personal things I won't blog about :)


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